About Mary

Mary has been a member of the Let’s Laugh Today laughter club since its inception in September 2009.  She became a certified laughter yoga leader in November 2010 and a certified laughter yoga teacher in October 2011.  She led a four-week laughter clinic at the North Smithfield Public Library in March 2011 and began her own laughter club, Laughter Hours, in May 2011.

Mary has led classes for mothers of autistic children, at senior centers, for the girl scouts, at private parties, and various other locations (churches, art museums, yoga studios).

Mary has spent the last fourteen years raising a child with learning disabilities so she knows something about the debilitating effects of chronic stress and anxiety.  After trying tai chi, yoga, meditation, and sundry other remedies, she found laughter yoga.

“I could never get good at those stress reduction techniques because I could never turn my brain off long enough to really concentrate on what I was doing.  Laughter works because you don’t need to work at it.  You literally cannot be stressed out while laughing—your body cannot do both at once.  It is instantaneous stress relief.”

Mary became a certified laughter yoga leader and started her own laughter club locally so that she could share the health benefits of laughter within her own community.  “I want to spread the joy to everyone.  After all, who doesn’t need a good laugh?”

For more information about Laughter Yoga, becoming a laughter yoga leader, Laughter Clubs and Customized Laughter Sessions, contact Mary at threepisces AT hotmail DOT com

I welcome the privilege of laughing with you!